Francesca (68) - Version 2I’ve never grown up …. I like fairy tales, and I believe in fairy tales.

I like to play.  I love to learn and I live every moment of my life as if it were the only one.

This is my reality … When I work on a jewel I enter my world and lose myself in my fantasies.

I love Nature, its geometry and colors, elegant and harmonious movements of water and leaves, sky and impalpable clouds…

I love Fairies and the Leprechauns’ World where everything is fascinating, mysterious, and possible!

…and when Nature and Fairy Tales mingle together,  everything becomes wonderful and magical …

I say what I think. I follow my soul and I love being with people, listening to their thoughts, learning from their lives, sharing their joys and sad moments.

I believe in friendship, which is the most disinterested form of love, after that for our own children.

A friend, a real one, is forever: a friend will never judge, but will share. When we hear a knock at the door,  if he understands that we need him he will stay,  but if he understands that we need to be alone, he will leave. A friend is part of us and will never betray us or hurt us.

Am I a dreamer? Well then, please, do not wake me up!