Store your jewellery separately in velvet pouches or transparent bags, never crowded together.

Use the original boxes or jewellery boxes, divided into sections dedicated to individual jewels.

Soft metals like gold or silver, if in contact with each other, may scratch and stones might break.

Clean your jewellery with special cleaning solutions: this will help to ensure their protection against oxidative stress and high shine.

With gold jewellery, with diamonds or colored gemstones, you can also use a soft brush with warm water and mild soap and then rinse under running water.

Clean emeralds, coral, turquoise, pearls, cameos, mother of pearl and particularly delicate gems with a soft cloth.

Avoid wearing your jewellery while doing housework, gardening or other heavy labor and manual.

Do not handle bleach, detergents or other chemicals while wearing your jewellery.

Pay particular attention to all those beauty products such as perfumes, deodorants, hair sprays and cosmetics in general, as well as pool water, because it contains chlorine. They could all alter the quality of your jewellery.