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Magic Berries

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Sinuous, elegant, curved ornaments that twist around the body with a smooth and charming movement. In this Francesca’s Fairy Tale, precious berries in pearls and gold ( or silver ), have the magic power to give happiness to the Fairies: when they find a sad one, they climb on her, bringing light and a warm hug. As usual, Francesca uses her “glass granulation”, a charming, special technique which give to the pieces an unique finish.

Burnt Forest

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The “Burnt Forest Collection “is made in oxidized silver, marcasite, blue pearls, stones and crystal. The shape of the pieces is very organic, like burned branches. The color of the pieces is black – blueish, inspired by the ravens plumage. The story behind the Collection is that the Fairies living in the Forest wear magic branches: in the past they were ravens that a witch transformed by a spell; once worn, the enchanted branches give magic powers to the Fairies…

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