Gold Ring
From “The lake of desires” collection Gold Ring


“The Lake of Desires” Collection

Once upon a time, a Princess of a lovely kingdom, during a walk in the magic woods of Life, was approached by an horrible dark creature named Fear who imprisoned her with laces of Terror and Despair.

The Princess’ Godmother, the Golden Fairy, Pity, went to her saying, “ To free yourself from those horrible, magic laces, you must look at the lake that you can see through the branches of the trees: it is the Lake of Desires.  It keeps everybody’s Desires… if you find your sparkle, Fear will become a little weak animal and Terror and Despair will just disappear.  You will be finally free…

This is the “true” story of one of my favourite Clients: I used her old pieces of jewellery (full of sadness and fear ) to make a new collection full of hope, desires and strength

Gold Ring with Diamonds
From “The lake of desires” collection Gold Ring with Diamonds


Gold Earrings
From “The lake of desires” collection Gold Earrings
Gold Pendant
From “The lake of desires” collection Gold Pendant










Gold Ring with Diamonds
From “The enchanted tree” collection gold ring with diamonds

“The Enchanted Tree” Collection

Once upon a time, in a small, happy and rich Kingdom, a King and his Queen were living a romantic, true Love. Because a spell from a Witch in the time she was born, the Queen was supposed to stay alive just until she was nourished with love everyday….. Unfortunately, the King had to go to war for a long time and, on his return, he found the Queen dead, starved of Love… The king, in despair, went under the favorite tree of the Queen and wept there all his tears. Since that day every branch that falls from the tree, barely touching the ground, becomes precious and everlasting, like True Love…


From “The enchanted tree” collection Gold Earrings
From “The enchanted tree” collection small Gold Earrings
Gold Rings
From “The enchanted tree” collection Gold Rings










From “Magic berries” collection gold necklace

“Magic Berries” Collection

Sinuous, elegant, curved ornaments that twist around the body with a smooth and charming movement.

In this Fairy Tale, precious berries in pearls and gold, have the magic power to give happiness to the Fairies: when they find a sad one, they climb on her, bringing light and a warm hug.


From “Magic berries ” collection gold bangle
From “Magic berries” collection gold earrings
From “Magic berries ” collection gold ring
From ” Magic berries” collection gold cufflinks








Gold Ring with Diamonds
From the “Volcanic Treasure” Collection gold ring with diamonds


“Volcanic Treasure” Collection

This Collection is inspired by the fairies who live in the Volcano

Bold pieces made with a particular technique which makes the texture just unique. Cuffs, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces and pendants look like they are made of Volcanic Lava : the jewellery for the Fairies of the hidden underworld



All gold pieces are made bespoke. Prices on enquiry

With my Italian background in a city like London, it is just normal that a meeting with a Customer becomes an unique, exciting experience, where the Client, with her/his  unique personality and story, becomes inspiration for a new piece,  an unique little sculpture, expression of dreams, memories and passion.

Very often Customers come to me bringing old pieces of jewellery, family memories which stayed in drawers for ages. They love those pieces, but, because of the old style, they don’t wear them anymore. Together we look at the piece and we find the way to rebuild that: it is an exciting experience. The New Born is an unique piece with the innovation of a new design and the memory of the past  – innovation and soul, past and present together in a lovely mix.