I’ve never grown up ….

I like fairy tales, and I believe in fairy tales.I like to play. I love to learn and I live every moment of my life as if it were the only one.
This is my reality … When I work on a jewel I enter my world and lose myself in my fantasies.
I love Nature, its geometry and colors, elegant and harmonious movements of water and leaves, sky and impalpable clouds…

I love Fairies and the Leprechauns’ World where everything is fascinating, mysterious, and possible! …and when Nature and Fairy Tales mingle together, everything becomes wonderful and magical …
I say what I think. I follow my soul and I love being with people, listening to their thoughts, learning from their lives, sharing their joys and sad moments.

I believe in friendship, which is the most disinterested form of love, that for our own children.
A friend, a real one, is forever: a friend will never judge, but will share. When we hear a knock at the door, if he understands that we need him he will stay, but if he understands that we need to be alone, he will leave. A friend is part of us and will never betray us or hurt us.
Am I a dreamer? Well then, please, do not wake me up!


An American in Paris? No! A (romantic)  Italian in London…

Francesca Marcenaro is an Italian in love with London, where she settled after having lived most of her life in Tuscany . She is passionate about the culture of her Country:

“In Italy Art is everywhere: there are beautiful, ancient buildings, magnificent sculptures, elegant pavements on the road. I grew up thinking that looking at the most magnificent architecture was a normal thing. Italy is like an open air beautiful treasure, and it is also the country of sun, light and warmth…fruits, vegetables and flowers embellish the landscape with colours and unforgettable scents.”

Francesca took classical studies and after the university, she became a lawyer.

“Throughout my career as family lawyer, I had the privilege to meet incredible people who taught me a lot about life, challenges and self confidence. I understood that we can never judge other people, but we can always learn from them.”

Francesca always loved to design jewellery and to make pieces for herself and her friends. She followed jewellery courses at the Art Institute in Florence to learn how to work with precious metals.

Her passion for jewellery grew stronger until she decided to turn her hobby in a full-time job.

“I love challenge and after 20 years in law I felt it was the time to re-invent my life.”

Now she lives in London, inspired by different cultures.

“London is the city where to be different is a quality. It is the pole of attraction for creatives, strong personalities, a sparkling centre of energy, where difference between people is not a wall, but the opportunity to share and exchange cultures, dreams and projects. Inspiration is everywhere, the energy on the road is tactile. People around the world come to London and make that things happen.”

Glass Granulation

Since 2004 Francesca’s unmistakable signature in jewellery is “Glass Granulation”. Inspired by the ancient techniques of Granulation ( made with granules of gold) and Enamelling (made with glass powder) Francesca uses glass granules to do granulation. The effect is a “soft”, unique and charming sparkle which accentuates the natural look of her pieces.