Francesca Marcenaro GC&DC 2024 award winner design ring craft and design award competition exhibition goldsmiths centre london




“Jellyfish” Ring

Handcarved Grey Agate, Amethyst, Rhodolites, Rose Gold

 Silver Award in the Category of 3D Craft Senior Lapidary and Carving

Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards 2024



Black & White Cuff from the “Volcanic Treasure” Collection

Oxidised silver, Diamonds, Glass Granulation


. Award for Excellence BCTF 2019 from the National Association of Jewellers

. Silver Award in the category of 3D Design Precious Jewellery in Silver at  Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards 2019

. Bronze Award in the category of Jewellers Senior at  Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards 2019


“Burnt Forest”  Earrings

Oxidised Silver, Pearls, Marcasite, Glass Granulation

Winner of the “Earrings for the Catwalk” competition 2015


“Algae” Cuff

Hammered and anodised Titanium, white Diamonds, Sapphires, Blue Topazes, Peridots, Blue Diamond dust and Glass Granulation


Featured in “Findings” Autumn 2022

Long oval silver earrings Francesca Marcenaro Glass Granulation cabochon blue topazes jewellery designer London


“Blue Blossoms” Long Earrings

Silver, cabochon blue Topazes, Marcasite, Glass Granulation

Featured in “The Jeweller” Autumn 2021

“Magic Berries” Earrings

18ct Gold, Pearls and Glass Granulation

Wendy Gilmour selects-Elements 2021


“Blue Blossoms” Necklace

Silver, cabochon blue Topazes, Marcasite, Glass Granulation

Briana Pomp selects – Elements 2021




“Blue Ocean”  Earrings

Hammered and anodised Titanium, Silver, cabochon blue Topazes, cubic Zirconia, Glass Granulation

Heidi Garnett selects – Goldsmiths’ Fair 2021

“The Silk Road” Titanium Earrings

Engraved and anodised Titanium, Fresh Water Pearls, Marcasite, Glass Granulation

Melanie Grant selects- Goldsmiths’ Fair 2021