The meetings with Clients asking for something personal are always unique, exciting experiences. The Customers, with their unique personalities and stories, become inspiration for every new piece, unique little sculptures, expression of culture, dreams, memories and passion.

Sometimes Customers bring old pieces of jewellery to Francesca’s studio, family heirlooms kept in drawers for ages. They love those pieces, but, because of the old style or missing parts, they don’t wear them anymore. The new Piece has the innovation of a new design retaining memories from the past as well (innovation and soul, past and present together in a lovely mix).


Francesca is an authentic artist who possesses great versatility, she has the ability  to combine minimalism with the world of fairy tales, with the undergrowth nature, with the seabed treasures and the mysterious earth’s subsoil.  When I ‘ve approached her universe of natural forms and new materials gutted from any standardized structure, I decided to entrust her with the transformation of my wedding ring into a completely new ring , deconstructed and reassembled as a symbol of my rebirth at the end of my divorce.  I also commissioned her for the design of a special ring that unites me with my daughter: two twin rings representing the infinity symbol in 3D, one in pink gold for me and the other one in white silver for my daughter , one thin continuous line, a fluid and simple shape forming sinuous infinite curves for a ring which we never take off, people  always note this little piece of art perfect in its own simplicity .  You will never find any creative artisan who is capable, like her, of interpreting your ideas and inventing or reconstructing a jewel based on your personality and visions. The bespoke jewellery is the future and Francesca is a master in this.

Marica C.  Naples





Since I first met Francesca in 2018, I have acquired several of her pieces, many of which bespoken.
She has a talent for guiding her clients through the creative process, understanding what they desire and turning that idea into a work of art. She has refashioned and given new life to some old items that I no longer enjoyed wearing, as well as executing new projects. Whatever at hand, Francesca is a pleasure to deal with and entirely trustworthy. She has something for every budget and anything of hers that I gifted to friends has always been extremely well received.

Alessandra V.  Milan


Francesca is an incredibly talented jeweller. I have used her over the last few years for two bespoke creations: a remodelled diamond ring and a white gold pendant with a ruby. In both occasions she has advised me with patience and competence along the entire process from design to execution. Her exquisite taste and expertise shine through in the beautiful and unique pieces of art she has created for me.  Francesca loves the story hidden behind each item she remodels or creates and this makes the whole experience even more interesting.

She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her.

Giulia G., Ho Chi Minh City


Francesca’s creations are original, imaginative and sophisticated. She likes to play with new materials (ebony is my favourite) and to explore different possibilities with great creativity to create new collections.

But she also likes to reinvent, and she does so by understanding and respecting the attachment of the client to a particular piece of jewellery, preserving its uniqueness but at the same time updating it and making it wearable and modern.

She likes to invent and reinvent at the same time, the 2 ways of working complementing each other.

Francesca is an eclectic artist.

Giulia A.  London