My Fairy Tales…

I love Nature, its geometry and its colours, I love Fairytales, a World where everything is magical, mysterious and possible….and mine are the pieces that the Fairies pick up from Nature to adorne themselves…

Come to my Magic World of Fairy Tales…..

“The Enchanted Tree”

 Once upon a time, in a small, happy and rich Kingdom, a King and his Queen were living a romantic, true Love. Because a spell from a Witch in the time she was born, the Queen was supposed to stay alive just until she was nourished with love everyday….. Unfortunately, the King had to go to war for a long time and, on his return, he found the Queen dead, starved of Love… The king, in despair, went close to the favorite tree of the Queen and wept there all his tears.  Since that day every branch that falls from the tree, barely touching the ground, becomes precious and everlasting, like True Love…

“The Burnt Forest”

Once upon a time the “Selfish Witch” found a plethora of “Maravs” in her garden. They were Magic Ravens with the power to give limerence. The Witch, who nobody loved because of her selfishness, jealous of that power, transformed the ravens in bushes  to keep them trapped in her garden. The branches were so beautiful, with their black-blueish colour, that the “Ethereal Fairies”, soaring above the garden, fell immediately in love with them and furtively picked them up  to adorn themselves.
The branches, grateful for having been liberated from  that horrible witch, gave to the Fairies also the power of limerence… Thereafter everybody meets the Fairies falls in love with them at first side……

“The Lake of Desires”

Once upon a time, Joyelle,  Princess of the  Kingdom of Happiness, during a walk in the magic Woods of Life, was approached by Fear, a horrible dark witch, who imprisoned her with the laces of Terror and Despair. Trapped in those strong laces Joyelle was unable even to move, crying and sobbing all day long.
The  Wise Fairy, who’s always walking around the Woods of Life, heard her cry and approaching her said : “  All you need to free yourself from those horrible laces is the weapon of Desire. Look at the lake that you can see through the trees: it’s an enchanted lake that keeps the lost Desires of everyone. ….. Once you’ll find the sparkle of yours, you will become just invincible…  The Princess looked at that sparkling, beautiful lake and, as soon as she found her lost Desires, she became so strong to free herself from Terror and Despair, facing Fear without hesitation. She could then go back to her Kingdom guided by her Desires…..

“Life Leaves”

A strong , but delicate, moving Collection. Organic and alive leaves that give birth to the Fairies. If you look inside may be you can see a little one…

“Magic Berries”

In the Fairies’ World there is a hidden garden with the most precious Shrub. It’s made of Silver, Gold and beautiful Pearls… The Tree makes Magic Berries that have the power to give beautiful gifts: as soon as they see a Fairy , they climb on her, bringing light, a warm hug and happiness.

“The Volcanic Treasure” 

The Fairies living in the Volcano like to adorn themselves with the lava they have around. Sometimes the lava is shiny, sometimes it is dark, sometimes lively and sometimes magical creatures remain trapped in the lava. …    There is a big Treasure for the Fairies living in the Hidden Underworld…..


Mermaids are vain, beautiful creatures who love to attract  and seduce sailors with their beautiful voices.  And they love to adorn themselves with Anemones, their small friends, to look more beautiful than ever…..

“Freedom Chain”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I never loved chains… they force, trap, tie…    but the chains of my Magic World are different: they are made with Passion, Dreams, Hope:  they never trap, instead they free imagination and happiness…