An American in Paris? No! A (romantic) Italian in London…

“Italy is my Country, London my Hometown”


The Story

Italian Jewellery artist Francesca Marcenaro lived most of her life in Tuscany, surrounded by Art and heartbreaking landscapes.

Inspired by the style and strong personalities of Jewellery Masters and Fashion Designers of her Country, since she was very young Francesca had irrepressible passion for jewellery and fashion, with a personal vision that led her to make her own clothes and jewellery that would have been impossible to find in shops. 

Eventually passion for jewellery grew so strong that Francesca decided to turn it in a full-time job and, after 20 years as Family Lawyer, she decided that it was the time to become part of the Jewellery World.

London became home, giving to Francesca the freedom to discover her inner self and the acknowledgement of her work.


The Style

Francesca’s Pieces (that evolved over the years), are easily recognisable.

Fluid shapes, sinuous curves, spirals, the continuity between every part of the Pieces combined with a maniac attention for details and passion for surfaces, make her work unique. Francesca’s style is a balanced mix of contrasts: a flamboyant elegance from her Italian background coexists with simple, clean lines inspired by London’s brutalist buildings. In particular, the research for balanced contrasts has been strongly influenced not just by London’s landscapes, but also by the powerful mix between innovation and tradition that is the signature of this incredible city.


The experience

Francesca’s jewels are a tactile experience, the surfaces are smooth and detailed: touching them is an indulgent pleasure…The Piece always follows the body: once worn the jewel becomes part of it, a comfortable, enjoyable, charming one.

Most importantly, every piece is not just inspired by Francesca’s surrounding favourite shapes and colours, but  keeps also a message, tells a story that make her works beautiful adornments that bring meaningful missives.