Francesca has always been fascinated by round multiple shapes with a transparent look as dew and soap bubbles and she wanted to bring this effect to the surface of most of her pieces

For this reason since 2004 she started to work with little granules of glass on her pieces developing her unmistakable signature technique called “Glass Granulation”

Glass Granulation is a mix between the concept of two traditional techniques: Granulation and Enamelling, both part of her Italian background

Granulation is made with tiny little granules of gold soldered on the surface of metal, it dates back to 2500 b.C.. Etruscan Jewellery used the same technique for the most precious jewellery and the Classicism in Italy in the late 18th Century rediscovered it.

Enamelling is made with glass powder fused to the surface of metal adding charming colours to jewellery. It dates back to the ancient Persians, Egyptians, Greeks and was very popular during the Roman Empire. This technique never died in Italian Jewellery.

Francesca uses glass granules to do her granulation. The effect is a “soft”, unique and charming sparkle which accentuates the natural look of her pieces.