With my italian background in a city like London, it is just normal that a meeting with a Client becames an unique, exciting experience, where the Costumer, with her/his unique personality and story becames inspiration for a new piece, an unique little sculpture, expression of dreams, memories and passion.

Very often Costumers come to me bringing old pieces of jewellery, family memories which stayed in draws for ages. They love those pieces, but, because of the old style, they don’t wear them anymore. Together we look at the piece and we find the way to rebuilt that : it is an exciting experience, the new born is an unique piece with the innovation of a new design and the memory of the past ( innovation and soul, past and present togeter in a lovely mix.)”

A piece of jewellery is not just an ornament, not just an investment: jewellery is memories, love, culture, soul, a piece of jewellery is a piece of life.