Charming, sinuous Collection where

Movement and Sparkle are the main characters

The Power of Nature: Tornados are fascinating and beautiful to watch from distance, but at the same time terrifying! They come, destroy and go…

Each of us has had a “tornado” in their life and sometimes the “ruins” are still there; sometimes it is just impossible to get rid of them.

We need the power of a tornado face a tornado and Resilience is a “positive tornado”-a superpower that helps us to go through life.

“Inspired by these thoughts I imagined a Tornado made of Light, Love and Positive Power: the little tornados that I make are precious not just for the materials, but also and above all because they remind us of the Superpowers that we have inside us that make us able -if we just want- to make this World a better place, with the tools of Love, Kindness and Respect.”